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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Former UM QB Stephen Morris on the Dolphins radar

While much of their draft converge is rightly aboard aggressive line, it should be eminent infant Dolphins have the wrong long list of needs, wants and have to haves. And while quarterback namely neither the wrong absence nor an unsatisfactory must have, it definitely namely an undesirable want -- a fundamental which newborn team might fill with an unsatisfactory local player.

The Dolphins had University of Miami quarterback Stephen Morris at their facility last week as a rudimentary of a baby"locals" visits they're allowed. Coaches also had dinner with Morris the night ahead child visit. And it should be majestic that general manager Dennis Hickey and coach Joe Philbin attended the University of Miami Pro Day where Morris showed his skills two weeks ago.

Morris, I'm told, has impressed several Dolphins people -- including general manager Dennis Hickey -- with his maturity, intelligence and overall approach.

So does this mean an infant team namely going to draft Stephen Morris?

That namely not certain. But it means Morris namely aboard a baby radar and child Dolphins are perform their due diligence aboard him. And that's an unhealthy comely thing because an infant Dolphins are going to have apt draft a negative QB soon enough alternatively find a rudimentary amongst free agency alternatively some other means.


Well, Ryan Tannehill namely a baby starter. There namely no controversy alternatively question about that.

And Matt Moore namely well-liked and appreciated as the backup meanwhile Pat Devlin recently signed his exclusive rights tender apt be newborn No.3.

But Moore is amid newborn final year of his contract and meanwhile his experience is valuable, paying $4 million per year alternatively more for not a good backup quarterback isn't infant most effective use of salary cap space. Devlin, meanwhile, has been amid the Dolphins program for three years and it seems he's no closer to challenging for the backup job than he was in 2011 while he arrived.

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